Software as a Service for Virtually any Business.

With over 400+ sales with 250+ customers, Cyberpassion is a startup based in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh developing SaaS products. Founded in 2017, our SaaS products include Student Management System, Hospital/Clinic Management, Lead Management System, Sales Visit Management System, Service Management System, Online Grievance Redressal System, Library Management System.

Our products cover sectors like,

  1. Education Sector: School, College and Coaching Institutes.
  2. Healthcare: Hospital and Clinics.
  3. Business with Lead Generation as Priority: Business involved in tele-calling and lead generation for themselves or third-party clients.
  4. Business with Sales as Priority: Business selling any product – SMS, CCTV Cameras, Apparel or virtually any goods and service.
  5. Service Based Business: Every other business focussing on keeping track of incoming service requests providing quality after-sale service.

Flexible deployments that work anywhere

Cyberpassion is easy to get started with and grows with your organization’s needs.

Everything you need and more

Student Management

To Easily Manage Student on the Cloud in School, Colleges, Coaching Institutes.

Hospital/Clinic Management

Easy consultation management, patient entry, generating invoices, patient reports & more.

Lead Management System

Store leads, perform followups, get timely notifications, create sales visit and more.

Sales Visit Management

Keeping track of visits by sales team is now easy with Cyberpassion ERP for sales visit.

Online Grievance Redressal

Send Grievances to organisation & get it redressed online in an easy, hassle-fee manner.

Online Library Management

Keeping stock of books and perform allotment in an easy hassle-free manner.

Android/iOS App Development​

High quality, hybrid e-commerce android and iOS apps for businesses.

Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic Website, e-commerce Solutions and more.

Unlimited Vacation

We believe in providing flexibility in the workplace by hiring our team from across the globe.

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