Observability, reimagined.




Unlimited users, services, hosts, and containers.

UdyogX unlocks observability at any scale.


SaaS for Business


Cyberpassion is a SaaS available on subscription basis for Education Institutes, Hospitals & Clinics, Businesses for Lead Generation and Tracking, Sales Visit Planning and Service Delivery. With a wide range of plug and play modules, a business can perform any operation – from as simple as storing storing data to analysing using graphs to make business conscious decisions.


News & Blogs Minified


You don’t have time to read a full page news daily. Hence we’ve launched a website that will give you every information in a concise form. Be it your daily dose of latest news or informative articles on anything else.


Searching Trains Made Easy


Now search trains between any pair of city across India. Be it from a tier-4 city like Gangtok and Datia to Delhi or tier-3 city like Bhatinda and Jaisalmer to Mumbai, searchmytrain will show you all direct and indirect trains in a jiffy.


Religious Items Delivered


An e-commerce store selling a specialities from places in India like Laddu Gopal Poshaks and Kanthi Mala from Mathura and Vrindavan, Kurtis and Jutis from Jaipur, Attar fragrances from Kannauj, and more stuff from renowned places like Haridwar, Tiyambakeshwar, Ujjain, Kamakhya & more.

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